The hamlets of Dutch Kills and Sunnyside were some fo the first cities the Dutch settled when they settled on Long Island.  Dutch Kills was a marshy lake that later turned into Northern Boulevard and Sunnyside yards.  It was one of the first areas that had major manufacturing and factories, from Daimler who set up one of the first Mercedes Factory to Steinway Pianos, which still exists.  Hunters Points and Blissville were sister cities to Greenpoint and Williamsburg, founded by the same man, Mr. Bliss.    Where as Williamsburg and Greenpiont was where the bulk of the garment factories were located, they were supplied by factories across Newtown Creek with inks, fixings, dyes, chemicals.  It also housed many state and city buildings, as well as the Standard Oil, Ronzoni, Pierce Arrow, and of course, Pepsi.


“We were inspired by living in the Dutch Kills area, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, many with advertising still on the side.   There is a solid middle class, working vibe in this no-nonsense nabe.  But at the same time the light that reflects off the LI Sound and then bounces back from the Atlantic, creates an impressionistic filter on life at 32nd Street & 36th Avenue.  The deep blues and light pinks of the early morning and evening make living here feel like I live in the clouds some days!”.       Eva Weiss, Principal Designer / Founder


With 20 years plus of selling smattes everywhere from Marshall's in high school (1985) to owning a vintage & t-shirt  shop called Beauty Crisis in the East Village for 7 years (2003 - 20010)), it was time to try something new. When we inherited some screen printing equiptment, we started and currently still run a successful screen printing company, based in Dutch Kills, called Paris Images Screen Printing.   


After working on different ink techniques for five years, it starting fueling my passion for printing and the possibilities of making my own shirts, inspired by the area I ive in.  Owning a printing business gives us the inside track on the softest shirts and the best ink techniques.   Combining vintage graphics with one of the oldest inventions x screen printing with the newest inks= softest shirts possible!  It also allows us to cut out the middle man and only charge $20 a shirt at the LIC Flea Market.


We have seen the continuing evolution of the neighborhood and would like to capture some of the old world flavor before it fades away.  Using pubic domain images and personal photos, we are hoping to appeal to a wide variety of people from  "hipsters" to grandpas and even hipster grandpas.


Go Queens! 


For more information, please contact :


Eva Weiss

Dutch Kills Klotheing





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